Become An EXTRA WiFi Provider

Share your WiFi

Earn Daily Income

Connect EXTRA WiFi device to your local internet and start renting your internet connection to people in the area.

How To Start


Get EXTRA WiFi Device

Get a hotspot device that allows you to offer your internet connection to people in the area.


Connect It To The Internet

Connect EXTRA WiFI device to the internet connection that you would like to share.


Start Earn Money

Get paid every time that EXTRA WiFi user logs in using your device and earn unlimited daily income.

How Do You Earn Money

EXTRA WiFi Is Like AirBnB Of WiFi

Connect EXTRA WiFi device to your local internet, become part of EXTRA WiFi network and rent internet connection to other people in the area.

You Don't Have To Sell WiFi Personally

Once you connect the EXTRA WiFi device to your local internet, every person or business in the area can be a local salesperson, and sell your WiFi to their clients.

Get A Passive Income
Get Paid Real Money In Cash

When an EXTRA WiFi user, uses your location to connect the EXTRA WiFi network, you will get paid.

The amount that you earn depends on your country and the time period of WiFi that the user bought.

How much you will earn
when an EXTRA WiFi user connects by your device

Select Country


* Based on current average prices, these amounts may change.

You Can Earn Double
By Becoming A Salesperson

Where Can You Find Us






Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias

Offer free WiFi access at your business , save your customers' Facebook or personal information as name, Email, phone ... and mantain continue permanent contact with your clients, updating them about your business news and promotions.


Turn Any Place To Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe Business

With EXTRA WiFi you can turn any place with internet connection to a Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe that offering International WiFi and Phone Call Services to people in the area. 


Residential Communities Area

Use your internet connection at home or office to offer WiFi and Phone services to your neighbours and the whole area of the neighbourhood, community, organization or company.


Public Areas

Bus stations, Terminals, Patrol stations
Parks, Main streets, Hotels, Hostels, Camping areas, Pensions, Commecial Areas, Food Areas, Indoor/Outdoor Kiosks/Carts, Hospital, Emergency room, Schools, Universities, Sport zone, Gym, Tourist areas and more ...



Isolated Areas

Areas with no cell phone reception.
Tourist areas where people don’t have a local SIM card.
Areas where people would like to save their cell phone internet data.

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