International WiFi Network

Get Connected Everywhere


EXTRA WiFi is a WiFi network that made of thousands of hotspots located at hundreds of countries around the world.

All  EXTRA WiFi hotspots are connected together as one huge WiFi network.

An EXTRA WiFi user, who gets connected to one of the EXTRA WiFi hotspots, can enjoy WiFi connection at any other EXTRA WiFi zones around the globe.

EXTRA WiFi Device

Create EXTRA WiFi Zone And Offer WiFi Services


The EXTRA WiFi network is made of thousands of EXTRA WiFi Zones.

Any person with internet connection, can connect EXTRA WiFi device to his local internet, create his own EXTRA WiFi zone and start offering WiFi services to people in his area.

Web Management System

Manage All Your Points Remotely From Everywhere


With EXTRA WiFi web system you can easily manage all your points of service remotely, follow the status and get real time notifications.

It is a cloud system that allows you to access your account from everywhere and by any device: PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The system allows you to administrate your points of sale, salespersons, users, rates, packages,  landing pages, advertising and more.

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