Silver Franchise

Sell WiFi at any rates you want.
Every time you sell wifi we charge you a fee.

Load your account with $10 usd per month
and get 40% discount on fees.


Paid For 6 Months


Start Sgaring or selling WiFi by using EXTRA WiFI device and remote management system.
Connect the device to any kind of internet connection that you have and start offering WiFi services:


  • Sell WiFi by vouchers
  • Share WiFi by different login methods:
    Instant access, Facebook profile or Personal details.
  • Define usage limitation by time and or data.
  • Use management to control traffic and sales in realtime remotely from everywhere.
  • Define unlimited number of local salesmen who will help with sale operation, selling to their clients and increase your incomes.
  • Accept cash, credit and digital payments.
  • Collect your revenues automatically to your account withour the need to go to the location.
  • And more …

About The Plan

You can charge your clients any price you want. Every time that you sell WiFi, we charge you this fee:

Select Country

Session $0.01 usd

In order to be able selling or sharing WiFi,
we ask you to:

The deposit amount stays in your account as a credit. You can use this credit, up to $10 monthly credit for 6 month period.

After you used all the credit of your initial deposit, you can load the credit of the location again and to continue selling WiFi.

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