What is the WiFi signal coverage of the device?

WiFi signal is affected by 2 elements:

  1. The character of the area. Objects as walls, trees, houses end even people, affecting the coverage of WiFi signal.
  2. The antenna inside the device of the end user. The antenna inside the mobile devices is small and can not receive WiFi signal from WiFi devices that are far away. This limitation is due healthcare reasons.

Therefor the signal coverage of the device can be up to radius of 60 meters radius in open air and will be reduce according to the character of the specific area.

However, there are several ways to extend the WiFi signal to unlimited distance. Read more on our article.

Does the plan have monthly cover?

It depends on the plan.

The "Salesman" plan doesn't have monthly cover. Only initial deposit is required.

All other plans has a required a minimum monthly deposit, and the deposit is being paid for 12 month in advance.

All deposit amounts that being covered are loaded to your account credit and you will be able to use it pay the future fee of the services that you will consume.

Do you ship to my country?

We are working world wide. How ever we don't ship to all countries. You can check if we are shipping to your country by trying to order and selecting your shipping distance.

If you are in a country that we are not shipping to, there is still a way to receive the shipping. You can use the virtual mail box services of third party companies as US.com, to ship the product to their country and they will ship the product to you.

Where the device is shipped from?

We work world wide, there for we are shipping from several places.

How long the shipping takes?

About 10 business days

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